The Desolate Goddess

I am, the Desolate Goddess

Who evokes within thee fear

The one’s who presence you feel behind you

when I am close or near

I am, the evil voices you think that are there

Only the one’s that you can hear

I whisper, I scream, I howl, I sneer

Inside your head I breed without care

I am, the demon in your dreams

I hunt you down with precision and stealth

I watch you torment, and see you squirm

While listening to you’re pleads for help

In the shadows I lurk quietly

While watching your hope fade

I am, the one who can taketh from you

Maybe for a reason or just for fun

Causing you pain and loss

I am not controlled by thee below or above

I am, the force that drives you insane

Stay on my good side, I remain tame

Cross me and the assult begins

Something that can not be fixed again

I am The Desolate Goddess indeed

With powers of torture and suffering

My name be known for many you see

I am The Desolate Goddess

My name, Hetrasity

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